Friday, August 7, 2009

Log Goes Forth

I originally meant this to be a blog for almost-legitimate academics, such as myself, as a means of naively reviewing and discussing young adult literature.
Recently, I've noticed that spot is overly filled in the blog networks. Lots of very knowledgeable people are already writing very knowledgeable reviews and thesis' over young adult literature. No more room in that boat.
Then, I decided I would just keep a log of what I'm reading and my opinion of it. Very open for comments, of course. Just a chance to share thoughts on books from a fresh perspective, hardly influenced by courses and grander opinions (for now). So, being an unrecognized student of young adult literature, this is my reading log.
Don't mistake this for an invitation to debate facts, it is all based on impressions and insights.
Don't scoff at my uneducated opinions, but feel free to contribute your own.
And finally, this is not intended to make me rich, famous, or to gain easy access into the literary world. It's just a chance to write all the thoughts bubbling over in my mind as I cruise through an endless list of YA books.

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