Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Readin, Readin, Readin

What I have read in the last few weeks in order from bad to good:

Ship Breaker-Bacigalupi
This novel had such a good set-up, futuristic society, gave me a feeling of Waterworld-esque style-then they took a turn for the worse and wasted a really interesting plot development.

It's Kind of a Funny Story-Ned Vizzini
A very good grasp of teenage interaction, particularly since it was written based on the author's experience of being put in an adult clinic due to depression. It's about his experiences there, but through the eyes of a fictional teenage boy. Well done. One of the best teen books I have read.

Gregor the Overlander series 1-3-Suzanne Collins
If you loved the Hunger Games like I did, you are craving more Suzanne Collins. This won't quite quench your thirst, but it is her earlier series, meant for a younger audience. Still, though the plot can be a little predictably twisted, the writing style in excellent.

Little Brother-Cory Doctorow
Teenagers in a slightly more modern America decide to fight against an ever-increasingly suffocating government. I have a soft spot for rebellious teenagers sticking it to the man when the need presents itself, and this book was an awesome read. Reminiscent of Ender's Game, and very technical, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I am a new Doctorow fan.

I am currently reading outside of YA fiction. I felt compelled to dive into some serious sci-fi, and am trying my brain out with a Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. It is a litt
le tedious, but interesting and challenging. A nice change! And a weird cover, check it-

What's not to love?


Holly J. said...

I loved Little Brother, too, but I couldn't get through his new book For the Win. I felt like I was reading an econ textbook. He definitely has an imagination and a lot of techy knowledge!

Bethany Grace said...

I totally agree with that! I trudged my way through to the end of For the Win, but it was not exactly a pleasant read. :) However, I think it would be a perfect fit for a high school guy who already loves strategy least it is still a complex plot. I feel like he thinks very highly of his readers, which I very much appreciate! You found my blog!

Bethany Grace said...


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